Studio Portraiture - Jordan Kubat Photography

Studio Portraiture

The Experience

Sometimes we need reminders that we are worthy of self-love.I believe that every person deserves to have a photo of themselves that inspires joy, confidence, and pride. If I can create an image of you that reflects your inner beauty and allows you to feel good every time you look at it, then I have done my job!  It is my personal desire that every person who passes in front of my lens, walks away a happier person. Let me show you the beauty of yourself in a way you've never seen before! Let's start your legacy, together.

Phone Call

We'll have a quick chat so you can ask questions and I can learn more about you and how you'd like to be photographed. We'll find the best day/time for your session.


The consultation will take place in person or over Skype/Facetime. We'll discuss clothing, hair, makeup, posing, etc. We'll make sure we have an awesome plan in place to make you look stunning!

Photoshoot Day

The easy part, I promise! You'll arrive for Hair and Makeup and then the fun starts! I will be coaching and posing you the whole time, creating the most stunning looks. You are the star and will be treated as such!


We'll meet a little after your session day so you can view all your stunning images. You will be able to order incredible art for your home so you can proudly display your amazing images!

Contact me today to book your session!