Senior Portrait Sessions

Contact for pricing details on Senior Portrait sessions.

Senior Portrait FAQ's

How do I book a session?

Call me (765-413-2592) or email me ( and all we need to do is find a date that works for both of us. You'll need the session fee ready to have me on retainer and reserve your session date. 

How do I pay?

Credit Card, Cash, and Check are acceptable forms of payment. 

How many images will I get?

It usually just depends on how long the session is and what package you book, but usually 200+ 

What time of day is best for our shoot?

Anytime! BUT, sunset makes for the most dramatic/awesome pictures. We can also shoot into the night with my flash or at midday. We'll figure out what'll work best.

What do I bring to a session?

Yourself. Cool clothes. Instruments, hobbies, toys, ANYTHING that makes you...YOU! Feel free to talk to me about this I LOVE to make people's shoots unique!

Can I bring someone?

YES! Anyone who will make you laugh or smile is more than welcome to come be it parent, friend or significant other. Many times its just me, my camera, and the subject which makes for the greatest sessions.


I know MANY locations and can suggest some or you can request we go to certain places. I am not at all opposed to traveling, but long distances may incur extra costs to the session.

Do you retouch?

Yep! I do basic edits to all the images. Deeper more complicated edits may incur additional fees.

When will I get my images?

Depends how busy I am. Sometimes 3 days, sometimes 3 weeks, because I like to make your photos look spectacular. Sometimes I can get them done in a pinch if you're in a time crunch.