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About My Photos

I love making people feel ecstatic about the pictures I take for them. Whether it’s a bride, a graduate, a headshot, a product, or a family photo I strive to create an image that a person is excited about. That being said, I like to make two kinds of images:

The first kind is where I am lucky enough to be witness to a moment that will never exist again: A bride’s smile on her wedding day, a graduate’s cap toss, a blazing vibrant sunset. Fleeting moments that I am able to capture that disappear forever in the blink of an eye.

The second kind of image I like to make are the kind that combine both artistic and technical skill. A well thought out and perfectly composed image that represents all the knowledge I’ve gained through trial and error that harnesses light, composition, color, perspective, and emotion. My style may not be for everyone, but for those who do enjoy my work, I look forward to speaking with you and creating spectacular images together.

About Me

I am a 20-something Virgo who has lived coast to coast and a few places in between. I enjoy learning, laughter, and love the most. The beach and the mountains are my favorite places to escape to when I need to catch my breath or unload my mind. Apple pie is the best, Frisbees are fun!

Past Photography Clients

Shakespeare Orange County

Jazzmin Style

South Coast Repertory Company

California State University, Fullerton

My photos have been published in the following publications:

The Orange County Register

LA Splash

Play Shakespeare.com


The Garden Grove Journal