The Ultimate Engagement Session Preparation Guide

Hello! The purpose of this guide is to help you look and feel as amazing as possible for your engagement photos. The better you prepare for your photos the better the photos will look! If you have any questions about anything after reading this, please feel free to text, call, or email. Thank you!

Clothes - What to Wear?!?!

-The MOST important rule is LOVE YOUR CLOTHES!!! The pictures will turn out so much better if you are confident in what you're wearing!

-Solid colors work best, no logos or writing.

-Please, please, please iron your clothes!

-Leave watches, pinky rings, etc at home.

-Women, too much jewelry can detract from our focus, you!  MAYBE wear a signature piece of jewelry if it is perfect.

-Wear clothes that fit you. Nothing too baggy that will make you look shapeless and nothing too tight that will be unflattering or awkward to move in.

-Please do not get sunburned before the session, if you do, we should reschedule so you are not permanently remembered as a lobster ;)

-I actually suggest you both go shopping and buy something new that you love! Just wash it once before we use it, so it is clean, and wear it once before the session so you know you look good in it!

-Don’t wear anything too matchy-matchy. If matching is your thing, maybe a hint of a connection between the clothing.

-Don’t choose clothes that match your skin color.

-Contrast your skin color with what you’re wearing. If you have dark skin wear something light colored, if you’re light skinned wear something darker/richer in color. Feel free to bring a few backup outfits to have in the car just in case!

-Try your clothes on at home in front of each other and do a 360 check to make sure it is flattering and you like the look from every angle and that there are no holes or tears.

-Buy a tube of chapstick and start using it daily so you both have smooth lips for the shoot. Crusty dry lips are a no-no.

-Bring a jacket or sweater in case it is cold. California weather has been strange recently!

-Generally speaking, bringing props is not a good idea. If you absolutely want to have a few, I will of course oblige! But believe me, when I say, you and your love is plenty enough for great photos. Carrying around a bunch of props slows us down as well. If we do use props, I suggest we do them all first and get them out of the way.

-During your session, we will more than likely visit 2 locations for photos. This means you both have the opportunity to wear two different outfits at each location. Traditionally, most couples choose to have one formal outfit (nice dress for women andbutton-downs for men) and one “casual” outfit. I use quotes for casual because that can mean many different things to different couples. Casual could be jeans and t-shirts or jeans and sweaters. Maybe you and your partner went to the same college and want to sport some school colors. Maybe you both enjoy cosplay, or like to wear PJs together! Maybe you want to be in swimsuits and on surfboards, it can be anything you want! If you have any questions about this feel free to ask!


-This may be a good time to do a trial run for your makeup for the wedding. Just make sure that you love your makeup! There is nothing worse than taking a bunch of pictures with makeup you hate!

- The same goes for hair. Make sure you love the style you’re wearing. Anything that makes you feel beautiful! Keep in mind there may be wind wherever we are so having a few bobby-pins on hand may be good. PLEASE make sure if you get a cut or color you do it a week in advance so if there is a problem we can figure it out. Doing a cut or color right before last minute can be a gamble!

-Make sure you have shoes for show (Heels) and shoes for on the go (flats). You can switch out as we go, but keep in mind we will probably be walking a little distance and on many different surfaces. Don’t bring just heels!

-Make sure you choose the appropriate bra type. Do you really want that strap showing in all your photos ;)

-Get your nails done! We may do a closeup of that shiny ring on your finger.


-Getting a little haircut is always a good idea. It will take off the split ends and you’ll look sharp!

-Make sure your facial hair is trimmed nicely and combed on the day of the shoot.

-Wear clothes that fit, if your shirt is too small, some poses may look/feel awkward.

-Moisturize your skin every day the week before the shoot.

Things to Bring:


Pack a snack (I love trail mix).

Make up for touch-ups (lips, blotting paper, powder, blush).

Hairbrush and accessories to change hairstyles (clips, bands, etc.).

Hankie to dab perspiring faces.

Boots. (if we’re shooting in rustic areas/fields)

Comfortable shoes for walking. (if you plan to wear high heels for some looks)

All this is a lot to think about, but I strive to make your photos look as stunning as possible!

Be sure to look over the notes for hair, makeup, and clothing and feel free to ask any questions. You just need to show up looking and feeling great and I will take care of and coach you through the rest. Be sure to be rested the night before, SLEEP! Refrain (if you do) from partying, drugs, and alcohol for 24hrs before the session. Eat something before so you’re not uncomfortable during the shoot. Also, leave plenty of time before and after the shoot so we’re not rushed.

I have NEVER missed a shoot! *Knocks on Wood* I try to check in a day or two before your session, BUT I suggest sending me a text a day or two before your session along the lines of, "Hello, Jordan! Can't wait for our session on ********!" that way I can confirm and check the weather, location, etc to ensure we'll have an awesome shoot!   

If you have any more questions about anything please don't hesitate to email or call at 765-413-2592. I look forward to photographing you :)